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If you need a snack stop by the Hughes Springs Market and grab a delicious pretzel from The Pretzel Place !!! ADDICTIVE but so worth it!

- Mackenzie


Love when The Pretzel Place is at the Athens, Tx Farmers Market !!!!
They are all good but my fave is the original or garlic πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

- Safire's Rose - Cottage BakeryJones


These make great gifts for loved ones near or far! I sent them to my nieces back East for Valentine’s Day.

- Sue


Oh my goodness...these pretzels πŸ₯¨ are amazing! She added some butter with sugar and cinnamon πŸ˜‹ oh yeah and their homemade icingggggg The Pretzel Place
#notresponsiblefortheaddiction πŸ˜‚

- Darlene


We were there yesterday and got the delicious.

- Russel


These pretzels are absolutely fabulous. And the owner is the most genuine caring person I have ever met. πŸ˜€

- Marlene


They are so good, ate one last month

- Terrie


These pretzels are so good they make your eyes πŸ‘€ bug out! πŸ˜‚ The Pretzel Place

- Sarah

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