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Discover Our Original Secret Pretzel Recipe

Created by a single mom, our original pretzel recipe was developed from scratch in the home kitchen of her best friend. Try our pretzel perfection in multiple delicious flavors:

$7 - Original

Our Original, hot, buttery fan-favorite to die for.

$7 - Cinnamon & Sugar

Sweet, salty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

$7 - Parmesan

Rich, buttery sensation with a touch of Italy. 

$7 - buffalo

Pair this classic spicy kick with an ice-cold drink.

$7 - garlic

Finger-lickin', butter and garlic sensation.

$9 - Jalapeno cheddar

Ultimate, south-of-the-border, spicy zinger.

Wanna' Pretzel?

Create Your Own Unforgettable Memories with the DIY Pretzel Kit!