Our Story

As seen At First Monday Tradedays, Canton, TX

Our delicious hot, buttered pretzels were created by a single mother determined to leave a legacy and provide for her children even though all the odds were stacked against her. Armed with a passion and with the help of her best friend, she created her secret recipe in their home kitchen, and began selling pretzels at local fairs and events.

Since then, The Pretzel Place has found a permanent home at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. When not open there, we travel across east and central Texas, bringing our beloved pretzels to markets, fairs, and private events. 

what's the secret behind our delicious soft pretzels?

fresh Baked Goodness

Our pretzels are made from scratch, baked until golden brown, and served still piping from the oven.

Hand-Twisted Fun

Our skilled workers have fun rolling the dough and giving it a flip and twist for the classic pretzel shape.

the flavors you love

We add a flourish of seasonings before serving to create the pretzel flavors you know and love.

served with a smile

Our pretzels are served with a flourish and a smile - because noone can eat a pretzel without smiling!

Meet The Owner

For Lori Trent it was never just about the pretzels. It was about the friends and connections made while enjoying her delicious, made-from-scratch recipe. It was about having fun, and being the reason for the smile on someone's face.

And most of all, it was about leaving a legacy for her children, learning the value of hard work, and serving the pretzel loving community with a smile! 

Have A Very Pretzel Day!